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Patient Services


Because most major academic centers cater to international patients, you might be wondering why you should employ SCNOA’s services rather than contact the international offices at some of the most renowned hospitals throughout the United States.

If you call the International Office at a renowned university hospital and ask for the best surgeon to treat your prostate cancer, the hospital will refer you to one of its own urologists. In other words, the International Office will be generating business for its hospital. Although you may be dealing with one of the best hospitals in the world, the particular urologist’s reputation amongst his/her colleagues, residents, and staff will not be considered in the equation.

We know that the most renowned or well-published physicians and surgeons are not necessarily the most talented diagnostically or technically skilled in the operating room. Unlike the International Offices at major medical centers, SCNOA will refer your care to the best physician or surgeon at any number of institutions, and together with its varied consultants will refer you to the physician or surgeon whose skill in the office or the operating room has been witnessed and confirmed by many colleagues.

Additionally, we at SCNOA realize that being confronted with a medical problem is difficult enough. For the international patient who seeks the best in US health care, having to worry about the quality of their treating physician and hospital in addition to making visa and travel arrangements can be overwhelming. Our job at SCNOA is to allow international patients to concentrate on their health while we take care of everything else.

How It All Works

  1. Customers initiate contact with SCNOA via the on-line contact form below.
  2. SCNOA contacts the customer to ensure the request is valid and provides a review of the formal application, contract and payment process to proceed.
  3. SCNOA emails the customer a secure link to complete the online application and attach any pertinent medical records.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed application and medical records, SCNOA will perform an initial review and provide the customer with a Customer Services Agreement, including costs, for signature.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed Customer Services Agreement and payment, a SCNOA Consultant Physician will perform a thorough review of the customer case, provide the customer with their diagnostic/treatment options and make the appropriate referral for care delivery with a top specialist.
  6. OPTIONAL: SCNOA can provide a concierge service to facilitate all aspects of the customer’s stay (i.e. transportation, visa, interpreter, hotel, etc.)


SCNOA will bill the customer at an hourly rate (in United States dollars) for its services outlined in our customer agreement (this agreement will be provided to the customer after initial contact).

SCNOA accepts the following methods of payment: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Traveler’s Checks, US check, cash, or wire transfer. All questions regarding payment or payment methods should be addressed to You are also free to call us at +1-610-567-3440.

For Referring Physicians

SCNOA’s Access Line is a 24-hour, doctor-to-doctor telephone consultation and referral service provided free of charge to doctors around the world. The service is accessible via telephone number +1-610-567-3440 and can be used by a physician wishing to reach a United States colleague quickly to discuss a case or arrange for emergency transport of a patient to the Unites States from anywhere in the world. For non-emergency situations where a referring physician would like to coordinate the care of his/her patient with SCNOA, please contact by email at

Concierge Services

Immigration Assistance

Surgical Consulting Network of America has immigration specialists available to assist with all visa applications. For more information on obtaining a visa, please visit the U.S. Department of State.

Travel/Transportation Arrangements

Surgical Consulting Network of America can make or change airline reservations to facilitate your travel abroad. We can also assist you with ground transportation and lodging arrangements.

Translation/Interpreter Services

Surgical Consulting Network of America guarantees that your language will never be a barrier to the highest quality U.S. healthcare. Should one be required, a professional interpreter fluent in your language can be arranged to assist you at all times. Additionally, we can arrange for full translation of any pertinent documentation.

For information on any of the above Concierge Services that SCNOA provides, please contact us by email at or call us at +1-610-567-3440.